Salt Pipe - The portable salt-cave

Discover the transformative power of salt crystals, harnessed for decades to alleviate respiratory disorders worldwide. Don't waste time and energy traveling to distant mines for relief. With our market-leading Salt Pipe Inhaler, you can effortlessly bring the wonders of salt crystal vapors into the comfort of your own home or on the go.

Experience the extraordinary benefits firsthand as you effortlessly breathe in the natural, invigorating salt brine vapor. Our compact and lightweight design ensures convenience and portability, making it easier than ever to prioritize your respiratory well-being.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to revolutionize your breathing experience. Join countless satisfied customers who have found solace and rejuvenation through our exceptional product. Invest in the unrivaled quality and effectiveness of our Salt Pipe Inhaler today and enjoy the priceless gift of easier breathing.

Regular (15-25 minutes) daily use of the Salt Pipe could provide you with a simple and natural solution for:

  • asthma, bronchitis;
  • hay fever and other respiratory allergies and
  • issues associated with smoking and snoring.

By using it regularly, you can also experience relief from:

  • nasal congestion,
  • persistent coughing,
  • shortness of breath,
  • wheeziness during colds and flus, and
  • neutralise the daily damaging effects of air pollution including dust and smog.

Furthermore, the Salt Pipe has the ability to neutralize the daily damaging effects of air pollution, including dust and smog. Additionally, it can be beneficial for:

  • Improving athletic performance
  • Enhancing singing performances
  • Assisting musicians playing wind instruments

The Saltpipe is safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women as it is all natural.

Also beneficial to clean the lung for better performance for sporting activity, singing performances and playing wind-instruments

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Embrace the confidence that comes with our market-leading Saltpipe, recommended by the Hungarian National Federation of Pharmacists. Join the ranks of those who have chosen the best for their respiratory well-being.

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Unique features of Salt pipe

Compact size

The compact size allows a wider application (children, can easily fit into the women’s bag, pockets or in the car).

No refill - Always good quality salt

Cannot be refilled, this way cannot be tampered with inferior quality of salt.

Attractive form

Attractive ergonomically designed form gives easy grip and pleasant feeling at the time of application.

Unbreakable plastic

The unbreakable plastic case eliminates accidental breakage and injury caused by the heavy ceramic pipes.

Unique design

The unique design of the clustered of one way valve systems (bottom and inside of the pipe) which allow the salted air come out only when is inhaled. Also it minimise the external humidity of entering into the cavity of the pipe and interfering with the salt.

How our Saltpipe became
Market Leader

There are two main attributes that made Saltpipe the leader of its field:

1. The unparalleled composition of the salt

While all salt has salty taste and disinfecting effect there are other differences which separate them from one to the other. It was observed through the history that the rock salt which is mined in Europe (age 20 million +years) has a special effect on people with respiratory problems. It has been later investigated by the medical science and validated that the special combination of the mineral components locked in the salt molecules which cause the beneficial healing effects.

It has also been tested that not all parts of the mine have the same quality of the salt either. The Genuine Hungarian Saltpipe only use the best quality salt to inhale.

2. Construction of the Saltpipe

The invention was focused on the pipe how to deliver the salted air on the move (in the pocket) imitating the effect of the salt cave (salt room) without compromising on the healing quality. The result was the Saltpipe.

Our Saltpipe has a unique one-way valve system, bottom and inside (top) which does not let the humidity penetrate to the pipe (and destroy the salt). At the same time allow the vaporized salted air to come through by the force of inhaling. This valve system also break the salted air(molecules) in such a size which is most beneficial to the healing, detoxing process.

The construction of the salt pipe is such that does not allow temper, refill, change the salt from external sources (and by that compromise with the quality). The construction, size of the salt pipe also such that do not have to worry that the salt will fall out. Our patented Salt Pipe can fit nicely into the bag of a woman, can be used by a child, or anywhere.

Saltpipe was originally created from ceramic, but under the pressure of the user the Saltpipe2 version was invented: more compact, easier to carry, safe for children and cheaper also.

You asked.
We listened.

From ceramic to unbreakable plastic

Saltpipe was originally created from ceramic but listening to our customers Saltpipe2 version was invented: more compact, easier to carry, safe for children and cheaper also.

The case made from bioplastic which means that on the rubbish dump it will disintegrate after a while.

The Saltpipe2 (made from hardened bioplastic) has been developed after an existing market survey and carefully listening the customer requests.

Retailers wanted

The Saltpipe2 is brought to you by the wellbeing division of Medusoft. Our strategy is to get the Saltpipe2 to the end-users  through reseller channels - health food stores, health practitioners, salt rooms etc., who already has an established customer base, and our product would complement and add additional business opportunity for them.