Using the Saltpipe is easy

You do not need to pump or press any button, just inhale through your mouth and exhale through your nose and you do not need to hold your breath as you would with the spray inhaler.

In acute cases the salt pipe should be used daily for a maximum of 15 to 25 minutes spread over 3 or 4 applications, i.e. 4-5 minutes per occasion.

After using the Saltpipe for a couple of times, you may experience more coughing or the urge to spit, please do not let this put you off, this is the good process of cleaning the breathing system. Regular use of the Saltpipe will cause these experiences to disappear resulting in easier breathing, less coughing, less soreness in the throat and less phlegm in the lung. The salt helps in eliminating germs and viruses, and recent studies have shown the salt content to have a balancing effect on the immune system.

The salt used in our salt pipes has been selected with care from only the most famous curative caves of Europe so it can greatly improve the condition of the sufferers of respiratory diseases. The Saltpipe is an effective additional therapy for autumn and winter colds. Its continuous use may prove preventative in the occurrence of diseases.

In order to achieve the best result, the Saltpipe should be used regularly. The original, patented Saltpipe can be used to complement current medication without any side effects.

Based on daily usage the crystal salt in the Saltpipe lasts 3 to 6 months.

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Our Saltpipe is a CE registered medical device.

Experience the convenience and comfort of enjoying the benefits of rock salt vapors wherever you are. Within just a week, our salt inhaler will enhance your breathing, making it easier and deeper. Invest in your well-being and breathe with newfound vitality today.

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Be part of the family of multiple thousands of people who are breathing easier with the help of our patented Saltpipe:

Our patented Salt pipe inhaler is filled with Miocene Mineral Halite Salt Crystals from the Transylvanian Praid Salt mine. Its salty therapeutic microclimate calms and cleanses the cells of the respiratory system.

Tests have shown that the quantity of salt inhaled into the body per normal use of 20 minutes per day is less than a microgram and has no effect on blood pressure.

You can achieve the benefits of rock salt vapours easily and simply in the comfort of your own home or on the road by using the original, patented Salt pipe.

Invented in Hungary, our Saltpipe is CE medical registered and clinically proven to ease breathing. The lightweight salt inhaler which provides natural health benefits of salt therapy. The Original Salt Inhaler can help you relieve symptoms associated with hay fever, allergies, asthma, COPD, sinus problems, cough and common colds also.

If you want to know more about our genuine dry salt inhaler, please read our Frequently Asked Questions section. If you still have questions, just simply send us an e-mail to [email protected].

In order to achieve the best result the Saltpipe should be used regularly

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