Saltpipe Medical Reports

Dr. Gabriella Hegyi MD.PhD. - Division Leader Specialist (Yamamoto Institute of Rehabilitation)

Application of the instrument:

Setting it in the way of the inhaled air it helps the easier penetrability of the upper respiratory tructs with a special inhaling opportunity

The basics of the functioning of the instrument:

Inhalation is a special method for the local treatment of respiratory illnesses. The advantages of the inhalational method are:

  • Local effect
  • Higher salt concentration in the upper tructs
  • Fast results
  • The systematic effect is lower than in case of medication implied orally or injected
  • The instrument employs only fully natural resources

The obtainable physiological effects are:

  • Mucolysis
  • Secretolysis
  • Eventually: bronchospasmolysis
  • In case of special material (minerals) antiphlogisticus effect

Indications of the application:

For the cronic illnesses of respiratory tructs (asthma, bronchiale), and for different forms of allergic rhinitis

In case of long term application of the set the vital capacity intensifies and subjectively, it provides an improved general state of health


In our institute we tested the instrument on the following group of illnesses:

  • cronic upper respiratory catarrhs
  • cronic respiratory illnesses (asthma, bronchiale) in acute and severe phase

Our Experiences:

For the proper way of application the user must be trained and the process must be controlled, monitored later on. With the remission of the patien’s condition an individual dose must be defined with other expression: the duration of application must be determined.
The hypocamnia, caused by the forced – too hard – inhalation must be avoided so the aquirement of the proper technique is essential.

In order to avoid contamination, and in order to keep the instrument clean, only one patient should use one set. During the application of the instrument we did not change the dosage of the patients.

The voluntarily involved patients we randomly divided into the “treatment” and the “control” groups. The “treatment” patients used the instument several times a day for a determined period of time. Weekly and after two months we examined the patients – with attention to iron-, and vitalcapacity.


The application of the Saltpipe is effective even in case of cronic upper respiratory illnesses, but in these cases there was a need for medicinary supplementation also.

In case of the cronic illnesses, the patients reported about a subjectively easier breathing and inspirational experiences, which was officially confirmed by objective vitalcapacity measurements.

Based on the above mentioned statements, the outcome of the adjuvant application of the instrument has proven to be EFFECTIVE in many of the cases. During the test period no side effects have been observed.


I suggest the application of the “Saltpipe” instrument as a complementive, supportive method with the following completion: It must be distributed with a suitably informative and ethic description for users, which does not deceive the user and does not make him or her abandon the previously used traditional medicaments and treatment.

Dr. Valéria Burzuk

Notices about the experiences in connection with the Saltpipe used in the case of 10 patients:

10 patients were using the Saltpipe in the period starting in October 2002, finishing in February 2003, for 2-3 months of duration. These patients were suffering from respiratory illnesses; 3 of them suffered from cronic bronchitis, 7 of them from asthma bronchiales: 2 of this 7 people had severe bronchitis.

4 patients out of the 10 were females and 6 of them were males. 2 patient between the age of 50 & 55, 3 between the age 55 & 60, 2 of them were between 60 & 65, and only one of the patients was above 70.

Out of these 10 patients 6 suffers from heart diseases, which aggrevated the applicability of antispasmiodic sprays – for the bronchial tubes – because of the side effects which exert the functioning of the heart.

I was trying to choose patients whose illness was severe (cronic bronchitis, and/or ashtma bronchiale).

The experiences of the patients show that the Saltpipe helps to dissolve sediments, helps in the process of discharge and doing so, easens their breathing.

As a doctor, I found the Saltpipe a very effective complementary tool in the therapy of patients with respiratory illnesses.


We can almost equalize the effects of the mineral-filled air inhaled through the Saltpipe with the effects of the salt caverns (apart from the fact that the temperature of air inhaled through the Saltpipe is identical with body temperature), further more, it is more moderate from a financial point of view than the expenses of salt cavern therapies. As a summery I would like to conclude the followings:

The secretion-discharge is easier and so, the breathing of the patient becomes more relieved. I also observed that the speed of the air-stream in the small bronchial tubes accelerated which results in an easier breathing.

I find the application of the Saltpipe indisputably beneficial. I owe you my gratitude – also in the name of my patients – for the Saltpipe.


1 Saltpipe

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Dr. Ferenc Pátz - Pulmonologist

Groups of patients:

6 Asthma bronchiale
2 Sinusitis maxillaris
2 Laryngitis subglottica
Boys: 7
Girls: 3


The youngest child: 3 years old
The eldest: 16 years old
Average: 9 years


Average: 6 weeks
The longest: 2 months period
The shortest: 4 weeks period


The product is catching the attention of both the children and the parents with its nice looks, especially with the latest elephant design, which does not give the impresson of a medicament.
The description should be attached in the form of a little brochure, the method of application should be described in a more detailed, pointed, highlighted way /introduction, “what to do-s”, and the importance of the daily, regular usage/.

Because of the relatively short testing period, we could draw only a few conclusions.

We received indisputably positive feedbacks from both of the patients suffering from recitive sinusitis. As a result of the application of the set, in the first 2-3 weeks the nasal discharge intensified, later the intensity of the mornig and evening coughings decreased.


In case of one of our two patients suffering from the illness of pseudo-croup, we did not experience any significant changes, the “barking-like” coughing did not emerge less frequently, its progress was similar to the previous way. There wasn’t much of a chance for the good outcome anyway, because of the conditions created by the possibility of virus infection. In the other case, the patient did not have coughing seizures in the testing period, but it might be a coincidence, because of the short period (again) we cannot give a “clear-cut”, certain explanation.

In case of our asthmatic patients (who were represented in a greater number) we would have also needed longer time for drawing more reliable conclusions. Since at wintertime the chance of infection is greater and the existance of allergens is not significant, these circumstances also influenced the effects of the instrument.

In two cases, the parents experienced that the relief from the asthmatic seizures come sooner and the torturing coughing ended faster.


In two cases the frequency of seizures decreased and it the last two cases we did not observe any significant changes.

Prof. Dr. Szilveszter Török - President of Hungarian Natural-Healing Practitioners and Life Re-Formers

Opinion about the Saltpipe:

I find the therapy – carried out by the Saltpipe – the most natural, physiological and the most effective of all. Very important – the simple fact – it is, that the air, inhaled through the saltpipe, creates much better conditions for the respiratory tructs and for the lung than the in-room or the outside air.

We can observe that the mood and comfort feeling of the people who use the saltpipe improved in a short term; their optimism and belief in their recovery appears.


These positive feelings – in case of both the adults and children – report about the activisation of those limbical-reticular centers inside the body, which are responsible for the intesifying of our adaptational skills.

This positive background is a very important factor of the Saltpipe’s healing effect. The wonderful therapic effects of salt caverns are well known to everybody.

About Saltpipe

The unique design of the clustered of one way valve systems (bottom and inside of the pipe) which allow the salted air come out only when is inhaled. Also it minimise the external humidity of entering into the cavity of the pipe and interfering with the salt.

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How does Saltpipe work

The Salt pipe inhaler is filled with Miocene Mineral Halite Salt Crystals from the Transylvanian Praid Salt mine. Its salty therapeutic microclimate calms and cleanses the cells of the respiratory system.

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How to use Saltpipe

You do not need to pump or press any button, just inhale through your mouth and exhale through your nose and you do not need to hold your breath as you would with the spray inhaler.

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