"I recieved a Saltpipe from you about four days ago and have been using it regularly. I am delighted to report that at last I can breath. Ever since I was a small child (I am now 46). I have suffered terribly from blocked sinus's. Doctors have failled to offer any kind of help other than nazal sprays which I have been reluctant to use for long periods.

My sleep quality seems to have improved

I first used the pipe in the evening and by the time I went to bed I found myself to be breathing freely through both nostrels. In the morning I found my sinus's were still clear and have pretty much remained that way since. Not being able to breath through my nose has caused me to feel exhausted and unable to talk without quickly getting out of breath. This product has in the few days that I have been using it made a tremendous difference to the way I feel.

My sleep quality seems to have improved a great deal too.This is an excellent product and I would recommend it to anyone who suffers from similar problems to mine."

C. Lindley